My lovely new table and chairs were put to good use on Sunday as I had four fabulous chums over for a Sheik related dinner.  The menu was supposed to be: Adolph Menjou’s Venetian Spiced Cheese, Rudolph Valentino’s Secret Spaghetti Sauce and Agnes Ayres’ Chocolate Mousse but I ran out of time so we had some Joan Crawford Bisquick Cheese Straws instead of the spiced cheese.  Got to work my way through the Bisquick mountain somehow.

The mousse was very good – although not super chocolatey like our modern day mousses.   Guests considered it to be a delicate taste and nice and light and fluffy.  There wasn’t a scrap left of this or the spaghetti or the cheese straws so that is all good.  Spirited talk of many things kept us amused and Charley made me laugh by playing the spoons in the kitchen.   There were 5 empty wine bottles for the recycling…

I must say that when those Cheese Straws are fresh out of the oven it is almost impossible not to eat three of them while they are still hot and crispy.  Yum.

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