While we are on the subject of THE DUKE, here’s a report from Jeanne over there in the USof  A on John’s Cheese Casserole.  Jeanne really liked this cheesy dish and proclaimed it to be not only delicious but FABULOUS.  Her version turned out really light and much more like a souffle than she expected.  I have to say that mine was more like a solid lump of chewy cheese.  John specifies a mixture of cheddar and Monterey Jack.  I can’t remember what I used but methinks a trip to the Muswell Hill cheese shop is on the cards….

I liked Jeanne’s comment that, “This one feels like a real recipe from the Duke, not just a faked publicity recipe, like maybe one of his wives made it all the time”.  Indeed it is true that sometimes I suspect a star and a recipe were never in the same room together, but that is all part of the puzzle.  Working out which ones were real favourites is sometimes easy as they come with the star’s endorsement, sometimes it’s a little more difficult to say for sure.

I hope I am wrong but I think that out of the corner of my eye I just saw a clothes moth flapping  past my cashmere.  Some readers will know that clothes moths are my mortal enemies.  It could be that spring is around the corner and my killing spree is about to begin…

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