Behold the first movie star cocktail made in the NEW Silver Screen Suppers kitchen.

I haven’t quite worked out the best place to take food and drink photos, so for now, I am choosing a rather precarious spot on a beautiful (but decommissioned) mini-Aga-type cooking machine from (I am guessing) the 1930s.

My landlady told me that when she moved into this fab abode, a very elderly lady had been living just on the ground floor of the property, and this was her only form of heating.  It worked for a while, and it was used for many fabulous dinner parties, but then black smoke started billowing out of it, and it had to be forbidden as a cooking or heating device.  It is still a very appealing object, and I’m sure will be in many food photos over the next 2 years while I look after the place.

The kitchen is STUPENDOUS!  I just love it.

I’ve already done one video demo here for Dinner and a Movie – the Clark Gable Triple-Decker Sandwich coming soon!  Dinner and a Movie is a new monthly thing I am doing over at Substack, it’s loads of fun, and everyone is welcome.

Myself and Mr R had made the Johnny Weissmuller cocktail once before but could remember absolutely nothing about it. In the absence of a pic of Tarzan, Mr Rathbone found a rather apprehensive-looking tiger with teen idol Fabian for the photo backdrop.

Because in my OLD kitchen, I was always writing notes on scrappy bits of paper and then losing them, I bought a book specifically for the recording of our cocktail experiments.  A new leaf is turning over right here.

We are working towards writing a book about all the cocktails named after movie stars I can gather together.  Mr R has come up with a few suggestions for the name of the book, and we think we’ve found one that has stuck. The first person to work out what the current working title is from this acronym – DTHH – wins a copy when the book is out.  You’ll feel like you’ve won an Oscar!

I am putting my money on Mark Brisenden or VT Dorchester, but ALL are welcome to come up with guesses.  Stick ’em in the comments!

For now, here’s the Johnny.  We used 1/4 teaspoon of icing sugar per cocktail, but 1/2 teaspoon each would make the drink less TART and, therefore, a little less cheek puckering.


I am pleased to say that I can decipher most of our scribbled verdicts on this beverage because we only had one each before considering our thoughts.

Me – It’s like an alcoholic Sherbert Lemon

or a Lemsip with rum.

Mr R – “Tart-zan”

Of course, he would have to make a Tarzan joke.  It’s what he does!


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