judy garland
“It’s lonely and cold on the top… lonely and cold.”

It’s a real family affair this week as fresh in from my sister is a report on Judy’s Vegetable Salad. I absolutely LOVE the fact that my sis made this for the Sudbury Town Twinning BBQ!

Ida said it “went down a storm” with the twinners In fact, they polished off the lot. Apparently this has never happened before with Ida’s contributions to these pot-luck affairs so she was, and I quote, “dead chuffed”.

Judy’s recipe calls for endive and there was much searching of Suffolk supermarkets for some of this to no avail. So Ida plumped for replacing it with chicory, finding out later that the entity Americans call endive we call chicory. No wonder the Wikipedia entry for endive states: “There is considerable confusion between Cichorium endivia and Cichorium intybus.” Indeed there is!

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