I can’t remember the last time I ventured into a shop, I think it was about 10 days ago now, but I do remember that I bought two courgettes just because I thought they looked nice. Fresh veggies! I am usually very much a forward planner but these crazy days, not so much. I had no idea what to do with them, but then this recipe popped into my head and I am very pleased it did. It’s from my friend Greg’s Recipes For Rebels cookbook. This is a truly wonderful collection of movie star recipes, all of which are linked to the lovely James Dean.

I am worried about Greg as I haven’t heard from him since lockdown so I am sending huge amounts of love to Fairmount, Indiana in the hope that he’s OK as I write this blog post.

Thinking of you Greg xx

This soup was utterly delicious and if you can get hold of courgettes/zucchini and milk or cream, you might have everything else you need for this hanging around in your kitchen.

This was lovely for a little lockdown lunch! Lots in the freezer now too. In other news, my chum Cathy is doing brilliant Instagram Live cookery demonstrations and I felt like a domestic goddess when I followed her recipe to make celeriac remoulade, something I LOVE but have never tackled. As I didn’t have mayonnaise I made some. Domestic goddess or what? This is something else I have never done and I was well pleased with myself – haha!

I lost patience with the rubbish mandolin that I bought on impulse in a supermarket years ago, and ended up cutting the celeriac into fairly big matchsticks. No matter, it was delicious!

Cathy’s recipe for celeriac remoulade on her Kitchen Confidence website, and here’s Julie’s yummy soup recipe. Thanks for finding this recipe Greg, it’s a winner!

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