After two disastrous Keith Michell cooking escapades and one that was a borderline fail, he has redeemed himself with this genius way of serving an avocado.  This cute little entity has become something that I crave on a regular basis. It’s a lovely working-from-home-lunch and good for all you vegans out there too!

You will have quite a lot of the dressing but it’s so yummy I usually make the whole lot even if I’m dining alone and just having half an avocado.  It’s a great dressing for salad too.

I am now so obsessed with the avo-kraut combo that I usually eat the other half of the avocado smashed on toast with some sauerkraut on top.  I thought I had invented something here, but naturally, searching the internet I find that Avo-Kraut Toast is already a thing of course…

and whaddya know, Cameron Diaz likes her avocado and sauerkraut with a little bit of feta cheese as a dip…

Keith, you are forgiven!  You have introduced me to a new taste sensation!

I am revving up to do a big overview of where I am at with recipe testers for the Murder, She Cooked book so if you fancy being part of that project, drop me a line via the Contact Page and I’ll add you to my list.

Until then my chums here is the FIRST of many selections for Keith Michell that WILL be going in the book (he’s in 9 episodes)…

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