My blues have disappeared.  I’ve spent my lunchhour laughing out loud at some of the comments I’ve received about my Vincent Price Crocodile demonstration film.  The Silver Screen Supperers sure aint daunted by the Spanish cucumber e-coli scare!  They are all getting excited about finding the perfectly curved cucumber, Spanish or not!  I can’t wait to see some photos…

If you didn’t receive today’s newsletter with a link to the demonstration film let me know and I’ll check you are on the mailing list.  Don’t forget to enter the competition for dinner at my place!

Thought today would be a perfect day to thank Helen Coniam for testing Lana’s Salsa recipe as she is the only person I know (so far) apart from Vincent Price himself who has made a cucumber crocodile.  Her splendiferous creation can be seen here:

Movie-tone News

and Helen’s lovely blog is here:  Zelda’s Zecrets

Lana’s Salsa was a success and even prompted Helen’s partner to start growing chilli peppers!  I am going to have a go at the Salsa following Helen’s tips about the tomatoes.  I do love me some Mexican food.

Coincidentally this week Yadrian sent me a link to a recipe for a Lana Turner Milkshake – I suspect someone decided to call this a Lana Turner Milkshake rather than it being Lana’s own recipe for one, but hell, I’m going to make myself one anyhow!

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