Louise Brooks
“I never gave away anything without wishing I had kept it;
nor kept it without wishing I had given it away.”
That Louise Brooks one was a super intelligent woman. I may use her as my mentor for 2007. However, the more I think about the quote above the more perplexed I feel. If thinking about it in the context of my tumultuous love life I guess it is a bit of a ‘nothing ventured nothing gained’ attitude. I am extremely hungover though so maybe I’ll be thinking clearer tomorrow.

There is a bumpy couple of weeks ahead as I try and stick to my new year’s resolution – to give up the chaw-bacon. I think that it is really time to walk away with my head held high and strive to keep positive about my decision. It’s really not doing me any good.

I plan to throw myself into the Silver Screen Suppers project again. It all really began the last time I was in this position. Almost time for me to go to my Buckinghamshire retreat for six weeks and cook like a bastard.

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