Fortified by some of Mae West’s salad I made a big dent in the copyright clearance task last night.  I’m having to approach all the copyright holders for these recipes (where known) and possibly the stars’ estates too.  I am quite looking forward to corresponding with relatives of Mae, Joan, Bette and the like.  Could be fun.  It could also I suppose (in worst case scenario) be the end of plans to publish – if everyone says NO!

If any of my lovely readers are – or know – a copyright lawyer I’d love some guidance!

Busy weekend ahead.  Party tonight at the home of the Artist Formerly Known as Gene who said, “dress for love” so have done my best.  Am also packing a tambourine as I believe there is going to be some kind of JAM.  Tomorrow night out with Charley who GOOD GAWD is turning 40, and then Sunday night spinning the discs at Ally Pally.  What fun!

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