“Most actors are basically neurotic people. Terribly, terribly unhappy.
That’s one of the reasons they become actors.”
It’s New Year’s Eve and I have made Hermits for my workmates. It’s like a ghost town here but we had to come in just in case somebody famous popped their clogs overnight and there was a clamour for footage. That hasn’t happened. We should have brought in some board games, instead we’ve been finding pictures of fish in aspic on the internet to use as screensavers and – in my case – doing some research on Margaret Sullavan.

Oh, and reading cook books cover to cover is my new technique. It paid off yesterday when I discovered that the chefs at Pret a Manger feel that graham crackers (as found in the Hermits) are interchangable with digestive biscuits! I shall try that when I run out of GCs.

My French colleague Franchot was asking me just now why Margaret’s biscuits were called Hermits. “Is it because they don’t go out?” he asked. In turn I wonder if Peter Noone published a biscuit recipe it would be for Herman’s Hermits…

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