Nice hairdo Margaret.  Hair very much on my mind at the moment as I prepare for Vintage at Goodwood.

Shall I go and have a radical haircut so that I can do some proper Victory Rolls?  As I got a surprise bonus at work today perhaps I should?  EVERYONE is going to be super glamorous and I don’t want to feel left out…

Am working my way through feedback forms and here is one from ages ago.  The wonderful Constance made some Hermits a donkey’s age ago so she’ll be surpised to see it mentioned here after so long.  I loved the response to the questionnaire question, “If you were making this recipe again would you add any extra ingredients or modify the recipe in any way?”  Constance’s response, “Why alter perfection?”  She did cut down on the salt though, as she pointed out, modern peanut butter and digestive biscuits have enough salt in them as it is.  Ooh, and she suggested adding chocolate chips.  Mmm yes.

It’s quite appropriate that I’m blogging this now actually as the last time I saw Constance she was cutting a rug in the Black Dahlia tent at Camp Bestival.  Answering the question about whether she shared the biscuits with anyone Constance wrote: “I shared them, with a lot of people. (At our campsite at Bestival – They’re a great camping treat!) Without exception, everyone loved them.  One person said they’re the best homemade biscuits he’d ever had!”

Go the Hermits!

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