I have lovely new neighbours and they had a party on Saturday night.  My philosophy is, rather than staying home and getting annoyed at the comings and goings, GO to the party, get really drunk, fall over and ladder your tights. Talk nonsense to everyone.  Stagger home across the landing when you can drink no more.

I turned up with beer and Marion’s cheese patties which were cute, but next time I’d use a cheesier cheese than Emmenthal.  I shall ask the lovely lady at Cheeses for advice.  I mostly had my bottom stuck to the kitchen sink all evening chatting to lots of my neighbours’ lovely chums.  One of the women I was talking to asked if I’d swap a beer for a G&T – of course I would!  And I seem to remember the host making me a couple of vodka based drinks too.  I was pretty smashed and didn’t leave until around 2.30 am.  As I usually go to bed around 10 this was pretty phenomenal.

I was absolutely thrilled when the “Ugly Sweater Wearer of the Year” award winner was announced.  Me!  It was the theme of the party so I popped home and grabbed this one. This jumper was made by my own fair hands some time in the eighties.

Isn’t this trophy amazing?  It has pride of place on my radiogram, I just LOVE it.  It’s already causing a stir on Facebook with a couple of my friends scrapping over it. There is no way anyone is getting their hands on it though.  It really is a work of art.

My neighbours’ new flat is full of beautiful things – many of them made by Chloe who is a textile artist.  Here’s a link to her lovely website: Chloe Owens and to her new book: All Sewn Up.

I am envious of many of their pieces of furniture and vintage nick nacks.  I really must start selling some of my junk on ebay so I can buy a nice sideboard.  Or a coat with a leopard print collar like Marion’s maybe…

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