“Careful grooming may take twenty years off a woman’s age,
but you can’t fool a flight of stairs.”
Oh how I wish someone would invite me to a fancy dress party so I could go looking like this…

It’s true about the stairs too – they were very tricky to navigate after the vast amount of red wine consumed with the lamb chops. I was entertaining my new agent Mitzi and although the plan was to brainstorm about the book, we ended up talking all kinds of nonsense instead. I don’t remember much due to aforementioned wine but there was definitely a bonding moment when Mitzi was presented with a swede and a turnip and incorrectly eye-matched the turnip. It’s not just me that gets them confused.

Turnips, turnips, turnips – they are an endless source of amusement during this project. After scouring every supermarket in Camden for one to no avail, I eventually went the old fashioned route of going to the market. “Do you have any turnips?” I asked the friendly stall holder, “only in my trousers” he replied.

Oh, and I do also remember a conversation about the intricacies of writing recipes. After approximately one bottle of wine it was basically impossible for me to get the following sentence out: “one cup of coriander, chopped is not the same as one cup of chopped coriander”. Actually, just typing it is making me feel a bit weird. I think I am still drunk.

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