“Without tenderness, a man is uninteresting.”

That is so true Marlene – but the question is, how to tell the real tenderness from the fake…

Well, sometimes you know for sure and tonight I shall be having Charley to dinner, a man for whom I have always felt great tenderness, and I hope and I’m pretty sure, he has for me. As I know he is a fan of a lamb chop, there was not too much agonising over what to cook. I shall report on what he thought of it tomorrow, but I wanted to do a quick post today as I am very excited about this:

My little article about film star sandwiches in the Queens of Vintage online magazine. If you’ve never visited their site I whole heartedly recommend it – gorgeous!

I don’t know how to make the above a “hyperlink” but to go straight to the article you can click on the picture of Tallulah Bankhead eating a sandwich in the sidebar!

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