Wanna see Mr R do an impression of Marlon Brando playing the Godfather?

Haha! We LOVED our Godfather cocktails (although, these should probably be called a mixed drink rather than a cocktail) and had two each. OK, so I got the movie wrong when I did my ‘STELLA” impersonation of Marlon, but I was improvising!

Below are links to Sarah’s BRILLIANT book Brando’s Bride. This book is so special to me as I talked to Sarah about this story in Cardiff many moons ago when the idea was just a twinkle in her eye. We had many creative conversations about this project over the years and it is so lovely that now EVERYONE can hear this amazing story. It’s a fascinating tale, brilliantly told.

First choice would be to buy direct from Sarah’s publisher Parthian Books, or your local bookseller, but here’s a link to Amazon too.

Amazon reviews are extremely important to authors so if you love Sarah’s book as much as I do, please do leave a review (note to self, why haven’t I done this yet?!). Thank you, Sarah, for writing such a beautiful and touching book. You are a star!

Remember when we had a Silver Screen Suppers get together at your place? Good grief that was 2009! Those were the days when everyone was given a movie star psuedonym rather than their real name for the blog so I have no recollection at all who came dressed as who but apparently Warren Beatty, Shirley MacLaine, Lauren Bacall and Cary Grant were all there. Why did I not take any photos of the guests? My food photography skills back then were pretty pants but here is a photo of the spread which included Greer Garson’s Guacamole, Lana Turner’s Simple and Easy Salsa, Anna Sten’s Russian Sandwiches, Katharine Hepburn’s Brownies, Janet Gaynor’s Ice Box Cookies, Colleen Moore’s Shamrock Salad and – my fave – Mae West’s Pumpkin Pies

When this crazy pandemic is over I am HOT FOOTING IT to Cardiff. Let’s have another party so we can recreate Anna Sten’s bonkers Russian Sandwiches and drink Marlon Brando Godfathers!

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