I am on Doctor’s Orders to eat liver once a week but I rarely do, so when I spotted this, I was on it like a bonnet. I totally love me a jacket potato and one with livers?

Once again I couldn’t find my metal skewers so I went for the disposable chopsticks option…

I used pork medallions for the bacon – as US bacon is so different to UK bacon… Here’s how it looked just before I scoffed the lot.


So easy, and so delicious. I loved this and it’ll definitely be something I make again. Thanks a million, Martha!

Things are going to go quiet around here for a while as I am GOING ON HOLIDAY. What’s more, I am going on holiday without my laptop. How will I survive? We shall see.

I have a big dog with sharp teeth guarding my flat while I am away, just in case any burglars are reading this!

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