Have just been on a stroll up to Kilburn High Road to my friendly butcher to seek out “round steak” for Greta Garbo’s Swedish Meat Balls. After scouring the interweb to try and find out what the English equivalent cut of meat would be to no avail I decided that the butcher would be the person to ask.

So I go in (as usual) with a preamble to overcome my embarassment that I have grown to this fine age with no real understanding of meat. “I’ve got an American recipe that calls for a pound of round steak finely ground” I say. He says, “yes”. I say, “I don’t know what the British equivalent of round steak would be.” He says, “that’s round steak” pointing to a flat steak. I say, “What’s that called then?” He says, “round steak”.

I felt I had to do a mini entry anyhow so that Mary Brian gets her picture up. Ruthie should be pleased – she’s a TEXAN after all. Her little orange biscuits were very nice. I particularly like the fact that the recipe stated the following:

“For card parties they may be cut into clubs, hearts, spades and diamonds by means of specially shaped sandwich cutters”.

I may have to have myself a card party very soon.

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