Oooh, this is a handy little recipe to have up your sleeve.  So simple, so delicious, so adaptable.  Bravo to the man those of us who are of a certain age will always think of as being Pa Ingalls.

I didn’t have exactly the combination of veggies that Michael recommended, but almost.

I think this is one of those recipes for using up bits and bobs of veggies that otherwise might languish in the bottom drawer of the fridge until they are fit for nothing.  I guess root veggies wouldn’t really work though, as they would take much longer to steam.

Just plop your piece of fish on a piece of foil and do the butter and herbs bit.

Plonk everything else on top and fold up the foil like a parcel.

I liked this so much, I made it twice in a week.

Goodbye asparagus!  Goodbye, mangetout! Goodbye, celery!  Goodbye, cherry tomatoes!

Thanks, Michael!


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