Ooooh, this was a perfect Autumn warmer. I loved this and think it would be great as a Halloween tipple. It’s the season for one or two of these for sure.

Mr Rathbone insisted on calling the originator of this beverage Adolphe Mangetout, which in turn led to him doing his excellent impersonation of John Lennon.  Apparently when John was presented with some mangetout at a restaurant somewhere he said, “put it over there, not near the food.”

Mr R’s verdict was as follows, “Rum & orange.  Would never have thought of it but it’s a perfect combo,” and “Autumny!  Like an in-between leaf.” I knew what he meant.

There is also a scribbled note which reads.  Foghorn Leghorn, “What you need, I say, I say, what you need boy is a nice eating chicken.”  I think this might have been prompted by the fact that after two of these, I kept calling it a Cock of the North cocktail instead of a Cock of the Roost cocktail.  But who knows, these were pretty potent!


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