When my friend Heather and I were both single, we got fed up with all our friends going on “romantic mini-breaks” with their other halves and decided we’d go off on a romantic mini-break of our own.  This is now an annual tradition.  We’ve been to France, Berlin, Budapest, Stroud, Bath, and probably several other places I’ve forgotten about.

I seem to remember on our mini-break in Bath, we ate some Indian takeaway in the shower…

This year, we decided to combine the annual Piccalilli Saturday with a romantic mini-break so Heather came to my place and we holed up with lots of beer and lots of finely chopped raw vegetables.  Heather dragged two dismantled clothes rails up from Brighton and proceeded to KONDO my clothes.  OMG, it was brilliant.  From this (oh the shame):


To this (Glory be):


This was a couple of weeks ago now, and I am happy to report, I am keeping it EXACTLY as Heather left it, including keeping the clothes hangers colour co-ordinated (!)

For our din dins on Saturday night we had Chicken a la Nancy which was really, really good.  This one is destined for the Columbo cookbook so I am fiddling around with the recipe, but do drop me an email via the contact page if you would like it in the meantime…  

It’s chicken, nestling on some asparagus, with mushrooms and parmesan, baked in the oven.

Here are a few pics…




I really love Nancy.  There are a million great photos of her on the internet, it’s so hard to choose one.  I am loving this one though!




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