I’ve had an excellent response to this month’s newsletter from the Artist Formerly Known as Gene.  If any lady out there is thinking of having a Joan Crawford style dinner party, he has offered his services as the “bearded artist” she suggests inviting as the type of guest to make a jolly evening!

C. Aubrey reported back on Ollie’s spaghetti saying he’d “come up trumps” with this recipe.  A man after my own heart he added a glug of red wine to the sauce and sprinked some grated cheese on top.  “This was a smasheroo!” he said, and “Mrs F. thought it was very nearly the best thing she’d ever tasted.”  Crikey, that IS praise indeed.  I laughed at the fact that although Ollie says to remove the clove of garlic before serving, the chef and his missus couldn’t find it so played Russian Roulette with every mouthful.  It never did turn up.  Mysterious…

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