When I was a pre-teen, everyone at my school went bonkers for Starsky & Hutch.

We begged our parents to let us stay up and watch it and all girls of my age either fancied Starsky or Hutch.

Same with Donny Osmond and David Cassidy, you had to state your allegiance and stick to it.  For me, it was Starsky & Donny, and I wouldn’t have a word said against either of them

I am toying with the idea of a new book project with the working title of Cooking the Detectives. I’d get to watch all the classics again in the name of research – Cagney & Lacey, Burke’s Law, Nero Wolfe, my beloved Police Woman, McMillan and Wife, The Snoop Sisters etc. etc. etc.  There are just SO MANY great shows.  So I’m thinking about it…  Here’s a soup I rustled up this week to help me ponder it.  It was DELICIOUS!

Pumpkin soup always seems autumnal to me, so having some for lunch in the communal garden amongst the fallen leaves seemed totally appropriate.

As always, the most important thing about starting a new project is to buy a new notebook.  In this case, I have pushed the boat out and invested in a very snazzy personalised recipe book in which to write PROPER NOTES about all the recipes I’m testing for the book.

When I proudly showed this to Mr Rathbone he said, “Why is it a K for Cooking The Detectives rather than a C?” I laughed out loud, I have no idea what brainstorm made that happen.  But I love the process of jotting down notes in it when I cook something.  Much better than my usual method of scribbling information on a piece of scrap paper and then never seeing it again.

So from these scribbles, I can tell you this – have some extra stock handy because this is a very thick soup so you might wish to thin it down a little bit.  I also had to cook mine a little longer than the recipe stated to get the pumpkin nice and soft.  Apart from that, SUPER DELICIOUS STARSKY SOUP!

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