I hope that you all had a fabulous Easter.  I sure did.  Lots and lots and lots of food.  Plus lots and lots and lots of drinking.  A diet therefore ensues…

Until then, here’s a link to the loveliness that is the Bibelot Magazine.  I’ve done a little piece about Priscilla Lane’s Popcorn Balls and as usual, Chloë has taken a much nicer photo than I could have done…


Chloë who is the creator of Bibelot, lives in my building and is my matchmaker.  She set me up on a lovely blind date almost exactly 3 years ago with the fabulous Mr Rathbone. Therefore, I feel no hesitation in recommending that if you have a good old mosey around Bibelot Magazine, you don’t hesitate to check out the Bibelot Jukebox put together by my man.  The fact that we are working for the same magazine makes me feel a bit like we are becoming Caitlin Moran and Peter Paphides – ha ha! 

JH_CM_4_226A9452jpg_996062cHere’s some sweary stuff that just made me laugh, in an article where Caitlin is quizzed about why she would would wear a Ghostbusters jumpsuit to a red carpet event.

“I’m spending more time worrying about what I’m going to wear at the Oscars than about writing the f***ing film that’s going to win me the Oscar. This is the problem with being a woman in a nutshell: f*** that shit. It’s a Ghostbusters jumpsuit. Now I’m going to start writing some scripts…”

If you don’t know Caitlin and you want to know more about her down to earth views on dressing to please yourself rather than others, read this! 

Caitlin Moran’s Surprising Red Carpet Style Advice

Priscilla Lane alas, was born too early for the casual dressing trend…


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