Do you still have leftover turkey and ham and stuffing and pigs in blankets knocking around in your fridge or freezer? This is my FAVOURITE way of using up Xmas bits and bobs. You can, of course, make this from scratch, I’m sure that would be delicious too. But what I love about this recipe is that when you make it with Christmas leftovers you can bung anything in and the rissoles always tastes delicious.

My mum always makes me a “Red Cross Parcel” when I head back to London after Christmas and I always look forward to my rissoles! My sister is exactly the same, only her go-to recipe for leftover turkey is Turkey En Croute. She makes TWO from her turkey leftovers.

This year in my Red Cross Parcel I had ham, turkey, pigs in blankets and stuffing balls. Plus a few bits of chestnut, mmmmmmm!

Oh YUM! They were all chopped up finely in my food processor

and I added all the other ingredients and mushed it all up. As I was headed to Mr. Rathbones for my second Christmas, I bunged the uncooked mix in a big freezer bag and gathered all the bits and pieces I needed for a sauce to make at his place.

The sauce was really quick to whip up.

So this was effectively our Christmas Eve dinner and it was DELICIOUS!

Here’s Roland’s recipe. Whip this up and I’ll be round like a rissole. Thanks to Gaby Coello for that classic joke which I bring out once a year!

Plus Mr. R has come up with a new one. We were talking about how much booze we were consuming over the festive season and he said, “Our eyes are going to be like rissoles in the snow!” I wonder if the original expression is a very British thing? If so, that joke won’t make sense to most of my readers!

Let me know if you rustle ups some Roland rissoles!

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