“They talk of the artist finding liberation in work, it is true. One can be someone else in another, more dramatic, more beautiful world.”  Oh how true Ronald!  That’s what it is like in Silver Screen Suppers world.  Liberated! More dramatic and more beautiful.  Lovely.

On a day that promises to be the start of a new British heatwave I am making a pie for Charley.  Gadzooks – isn’t it hot enough in my kitchen?!  Anyhow, it was next on the list to test cook so cooking it I am.  It’s making me chuckle to think about the first time I made this pie.  In Delaware with Ruthie when we were having the Silver Screen Summit.  I think we’d gone to the supermarket with our token for “A Relaxing Moment” at the in-house coffee shop.  Ha ha!

I am missing Ruth a LOT but it was great to have a sleepy late night conversation with her on the phone earlier this week.  Things are afoot with the book proposal, we may have something cooking…

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