I am revving up to move house, and I have a four-drawer freezer full of things to eat up.

I am also in a state of mild panic about all the people I want to see before I leave London.  I am not going a million miles away, just around 70 miles as the crow flies (110 kilometres), but I am panicking just the same.

This week I had the final convening of The Cedar Court Three at my flat.  I have no doubt we will convene at Corinna’s sometimes when I travel back from the coast, but I shall never have Mr Vic cooking the promised liver dinner at my place.  Unless I can force him to come to the seaside and do it.

I decided to use up a batch of lasagna sheets from the back of the freezer.  Ruta’s dish was a WINNER, and my two guests had two bits each.  Ruta’s way of making lasagna has a few shortcuts, so if you are looking for something easy to rustle up for a few chums, this is a good option.

A fishy face first in a serving of lasagna.

I do love a lasagna that doesn’t involve making a white sauce.  This one is simple to construct and super tasty.

I am also now feeling compelled to use up spices that I’ve had hanging around for years so I don’t have to cart thousands of dusty jars with me.  I still have some Lawry’s Seasoned Salt in my spice cupboard that I bought for a Joan Crawford recipe way back in 2011.  We can’t get it in the UK, and as I had to pay a pretty penny for it on the black market, I am going to use every last grain of it…

The closest I could get to a lasagna spice mix was Schwartz Spaghetti Bolognese mix, and it did the trick.

Lloyd Grosman lasagna sauce was on special offer via Ocado, and I have no shame, so I used that for the tomato sauce element – for Brits, please note that Ruta doesn’t mean ketchup by this.  I’d recommend using passata or some kind of shop-made pasta sauce.

Rue’s lasagna is a good thing to make if you have got chums coming over on a weeknight as you can make it and cook it the night before and then just stick it in the oven while you are drinking many cans of beer and chewing the fat.  I am always inordinately pleased when a lasagna recipe fits exactly into my lasagna dish. I suppose it shouldn’t be a surprise, but it always is…

As it was SUPER HOT here in London, I decided to do an antipasti thing as a starter and was super pleased with my decision.  I bunged some olives, salami, gherkins, stuffed red peppers, artichoke hearts and a few other things on a platter, and everyone just helped themselves.  I highly recommend this, and no doubt will do it again.  It makes a change from loads of bowls of crips and peanuts which is my usual go-to.  I thought I looked a bit like Hattie Jaques in this photo Vic took of me presenting the platter.

I am already missing this kitchen, and I haven’t even left it yet…

Note: a no 2.5 can of tomatoes = 822g, so I used two 400g tins, so it was a little bit under, to no ill effect.  I also used slightly over the amount of mozzarella mentioned in the recipe as the mozzarella balls I got hold of were 150g each.  ‘Tis a very adaptable recipe.  Mr Rathbone and I had a big slice each last night after a day in the pub watching cricket and very much enjoyed it. Thanks, Ruta!


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