Since making Grace Kelly’s Caesar Salad I’ve been inclined to have a couple of heads of romaine lettuce in the crisper rather than little gems. That is the first time I’ve ever used the word CRISPER, but you know what I mean, that drawer that is at the bottom of the fridge that’s supposed to keep your veggies crisp.

I am very pleased to find that romaine lettuce lasts for AGES in the crisper, as someone who lives alone and can only eat so much of it in a week this is a very good thing. I hate throwing food away. Because of having so much romaine about the place, the Caesar salad is becoming a THING here at Silver Screen Suppers Towers and Ruth’s was very good.

Ruth boils her eggs for 60 seconds, no more, then cracks them over the romaine and mixes it through. Hmmmm. I was just thinking about the risks of salmonella then, with an almost raw egg, having just done my food hygiene certificate, but google tells me eggs in the UK are OK…

I used some Angela Lansbury Power Loaf bread for the croutons

so this was a Murder, She Wrote double whammy! Ruth Roman plays one of my favourite recurring characters in the series. Loretta, the gossipy woman who runs the hairdressing salon in Cabot Cove. So PINK!

This recipe is destined for the Murder, She Cooked cookbook,

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still lots of recipes to choose from, just skip over here to see…

Here’s Ruth’s recipe. There is a typo, I’m presuming “Bread eggs over romaine” should be “Break eggs over romaine”.

What a glamourpuss!

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