Always a pleasure to be forced to test a bourbon-based beverage, and this one popped to the top of the list one Friday recently.  We might include screenwriters and directors in our Down the Hollywood Hatch cocktail book (Preston was both) so thought we’d give this one a whirl.

Naturally, as the Old Fashioned is a classic, it was delicious.  Mr R was writing down our verdicts and apparently, I said, “There’s a reason classic cocktails are classic cocktails.” Yes!  This one was perfectly balanced IMHO.

Mr R’s verdict was, “The sugar balances out the bitters and orange goes well with bourbon.”  Indeed it does.

I’m not sure the provenance of this cocktail has enough OOMPH for it to make it into the book – what makes this version of the Old Fashioned, Preston’s?  But it has at least prompted me to get hold of Sullivan’s Travels, just in case it is a suitable candidate for a Dinner and a Movie selection. I am keen to try Veronica Lake’s meatloaf and this could be the nudge I need…

Watch this space, with one eye…


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