We interrupt the Murder, She Wrote Cookalong with a quick post about Shelley Winters!  

I had great plans to live my life like Shelley Winters for a day as part of the Shelley Winters blogathon organized by Gill from Realweegiemidget Reviews and Poppity of Poppity Talks Classic Film.  

Naturally, daily life and my enormous to-do list got in the way.  I did manage to cook Shelley’s chicken though (recipe at the end of this post)…

But the thing I really, really, really wanted to do didn’t happen.

Many years ago, my lovely friend Caroline Frick of the Texas Archive of the Moving Image sent me a DVD of Debbie Reynolds’ exercise video, “Do It Debbie’s Way”.  

I’ve had it for about 15 years and although I watched a bit of it when it first arrived from Austin, I have never done the workout.  What does this have to do with Shelley?  She is IN Debbie’s workout video.  For comedy factor.  And comedy factor she provides in spades.  Because Shelley is HILARIOUS and is a good sport!

As the workout gets going, Shelley is stuck right in the back corner, huffing and puffing a bit (just as I would be).  Everyone except Shelley can do the exercises with ease.

I am obsessed with Shelley’s sweatshirt, and of course, want one…

Throughout the warmup Debbie is twisting around, laughing at Shelley’s attempts to keep up (but in a nice way). They both throw very theatrical comments around, for example, at one point Shelley yells, “How many of you have slept with Howard Hughes?”  Several ladies put their hands up.

If Howard Hughes really had looked like Leonardo DiCaprio I might have put my hand up too…

Shelley gives up the exercise after about 10 minutes and mostly just lies around on the floor. She knows her limits! I just love the fact that Debbie obviously thinks this is great.  This workout is for EVERYONE, even those of us who would feel just like Shelley about it all.

For all my posing around in a Jane Fonda T-shirt, I have only done the Jane Fonda workout twice.

I see from a 2017 blog post that I found it “excellent fun” although I do remember, like Shelley, just lying on the floor for most of it, unable to do the moves.  

From the sofa, Debbie’s workout looks much more do-able.  I will report back once I have done it.  

Then, and ONLY then, I will buy myself one of these stickers…

In the second part of Debbie’s workout there is no more comedy outfit for Shelley.  Just a plain black sweatsuit, it looks as though she is taking it more seriously.  Really trying to keep it up this time.

Suddenly when watching this for the blogathon, I clutched my beer and sat straight up on the sofa.  I realised with a jolt, it’s NOT SHELLEY – it is someone that LOOKS like Shelley!!!!

She’s in Shelley’s spot – back right corner.  She’s wearing Shelley’s outfit – a black tracksuit but without the slogan.  She’s Shelley’s build.  BUT IT ISN’T SHELLEY!

Oh my goodness.  I love this so much.  I assume Shelley said to Debbie, “I’ve done several minutes of this workout and that’s enough.  Get me a stand-in.”

Shelley’s taking it easy…

Shelley’s looks as though she’s not even going to PRETEND to attempt this one but Debbie talks her into it.

And THAT my friends is the power of Debbie Reynolds!

Shelley’s chicken?  It was fine, but I was far more interested in watching Debbie and Shelley doing their thing to tell you very much about it.  Here’s the recipe for Shelley fans and I encourage you all to zip over to Poppity Talks Classic Films and Real Weegie Midget Reviews to read more about the adorable Shelley.

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