Well, I am not going to lie. It has been a rough re-launch of the Stateside Silver Screen Suppers Campaign. But here is why: Many cookbooks from the early period CLEARLY were intended for those people who are A. naturally gifted in the kitchen or B. had extensive staff who were naturally gifted in the kitchen. Tonight, I set aside some time to focus in on my most favorite task: cooking with the stars. Having bought ingredients for a number of fairly dubious recipes (please stay tuned for Janet Gaynor’s cheese fondue), I chickened out (almost literally) by going with a dessert from our own sweetheart of the screen, a tiny package of pep, Shirley Temple. Yes, the title of the recipe is dubious – sure. But the idea sounded great.

ALAS: with very little information to go from, I sadly ended up with Shirley Temple’s Mammy’s Pecan Soup. Yup, I have eaten it with a spoon rather than cutting into a crisp, ready to pass out at an ice cream social, kind of dessert. NOW, a mighty fine recipe from the standpoint that it is delectable and much like what we might now call a “brownie.” But I will get back to you on how to prevent said souplike experience. I am not dismayed, however, but rather invigorated with the challenge. Methinks it may have much to do with picking the right cooking pan. Or the fact that I opened another bottle of red wine with which to cook. This is what following the SSS mantra can do: live, learn, get lit while baking…. I know our little princess would approve.

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