Ooh, this was a bit of a triumph.  Made for my work colleague Anne’s birthday and wolfed down by the rest of the team with gusto.  I made twice the amount of mixture because my cake tins are BIG and I know from experience that folks in the olden days weren’t as greedy as us.  I made this before going to work and didn’t have time to make the icing but luckily Betty Crocker had made some earlier for me, so I used that and some blackcurrant jam for the filling.  Yowzer.

Here’s the recipe – apologies for cutting Shirley’s head off.  It’s characteristically vague about cooking time for the era (ie – absolutely no guidance whatsoever) so I had a scout around the internet and guessed at how long a cake of such magnitude would take.  It just about worked and when I find the piece of paper I scribbled it down on I’ll add it to this post.  This is definitely one to make again.

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