I’m feeling a bit like that today Sonja!  Not sure if it is the weather (beautiful hot sunny day here in London), my new “Friends of the Zoo” membership (Tuesday is Zooday from now on) or just general joyfulness for no apparent reason.  I’m not going to knock it though.  Wonder how I hang on to this feeling?

The month of Joan Crawford testing has stalled a bit but intend getting back into it tomorrow.  So until then here is a report from a test cook that has been languishing in the inbox for aaaaaaaaaaaaaages.   There must be something very nice about people who live in Wisconsin as this is another person there who I have never met who has been kind enough to test cook a recipe.    “Shirley” writes the Supper Seed blog and way back in September 2009 (to my horror – where does the time go?) she had a bash at Sonja’s Cookies and made them with homemade raspberry jam and pecans.  Oh YUM!  There is a picture on Shirley’s blog and here – don’t they look delightful?!  I loved Shirley’s comment in her email to me about her chums’ reaction:  “I took these as my contribution to dinner with friends.  For what seemed like a long time, there was silence while everyone considered and enjoyed their cookies.  The consensus was, “not too sweet” and “like a better Fig Newton cookie”.

Now I am on a mission to find out what a Fig Newton cookie tastes like!

I’ve just had a little adventure around Shirley’s blog and was really excited to see the photograph of the aisles of an American supermarket in her piece on grocery shopping in Wisconsin!  I really think I am becoming obsessed with obtaining all the American things I can’t get in England.  If any readers know where I can get Bisquick (for 2 Joan Crawford recipes), Fig Newtons, Graham Crackers and A1 Sauce in London please let me know!

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