When I have some olives and anchovies knocking around the fridge my mind often suggests Spaghetti Puttanesca. I rustled this up just before Christmas and it was deliziosa (or maybe delizioso?).

I don’t eat much pasta, but when I do I always think, “bloody hell, it’s so quick to make a pasta dinner, why don’t I do this more often?”

Also, I recently bought myself a present, a pasta rolling machine.

Why buy one of these when I don’t eat much pasta?  It’s another of life’s great mysteries.  Basically, I just want to have a go at it, and Sophia has a recipe for making pasta so watch this space!

Here’s Sophia’s recipe, I love her explanation of the recipe title.  This is easy, quick and super tasty and although Sophia prefers to use penne for this dish, she says spaghetti is fine too. SHE ALLOWS IT!  Which is good, because I didn’t have any penne, only spaghetti.  I also didn’t have parsley to sprinkle over the top but I had everything else around the place – yum!

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