“Hollywood! It’s like an old chair – if it’s useful, keep it; if not, give it to Goodwill.”

I like Sylvia Sidney. She always looks a bit sulky. I liked her Chocolate pudding too – absolutely scrumptious. Paulette kindly had a go at this recipe as she is a whizz with the pudding basin. She also made some of Mary Brian’s Orange Circles but that’s another story. I think she prefers the test cooking to the test knitting.

We had quite a feast on Friday night what with Evelyn’s fascist spaghetti which everyone seemed to enjoy, plus assorted nibbles not from the kitchens of Hollywood, plus the pudding, plus the biscuits – it is hungry work discussing literature is it not? Thirsty work too. I appeared to drink around a bucketful of red wine.

It was great fun hanging out with a bunch of girls and that vibe continued all weekend, DJing with my sisters on Saturday and then spending all day Sunday sewing. Veronica has been commissioned to fashion FOURTEEN top hats for a commercial. I offered to help out and had a lovely day with millinery wire, buckram, shot silk and plenty of gossip.

I think Veronica may be right in her conclusions that “men have feelings too” and I although I always tend to avoid such things, I may attempt to have a proper grown up discussion with the one whom we refer to (in fine teenage style) as the chaw-bacon this week…

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