Well I guess when you’ve been out riding the range all day you want a chili that doesn’t take too long to make, so Tex’s chili recipe is pretty basic. I have to admit that I cooked it for a lot longer than 15 minutes and added 2 Oxo cubes just to (quite literally) beef it up a bit. It was delicious though. You can’t go wrong with chili can you? Richard Arlen’s version is tops so far though – and he aint no cowboy…

Talking of cowboys, I had a brief texting rat-a-tat-tat with the chaw-bacon this morning due to the fact that Brian Matthew is back on the radio after 10 weeks away. Managed to circumvent what looked like him angling for an invite over to the country housesit. No way. I was proud of myself.

But more excitingly I have booked my plane ticket to visit my co-collaborator in March. We will have all our recipes in the same place at the same time. Yipee-i-o. There will be some hardcore cooking going on somewhere in Delaware. Where IS Delaware?

I am already composing a list of things found in these film star recipes that are not available in the British corner shop – Hominy (still not sure what this is), Zwieback Crackers (?), Graham Crackers (I am sure that every American knows what these are but I don’t…) and Maggie Sauce. Oh and of course some Bisquick! I can’t wait!

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