Lolita over at Lolita’s Classics has done some lovely work colourizing some pictures of Thelma Todd. Wish I knew how to do that, I’m sure I could spend many a happy hour colouring in! One of her readers left a link to a brilliant song and dance routine featuring Hot Toddy and I’m going to pass it on here. I laughed out loud VERY loudly at the part where the two guys were swinging the dummy – genius –

Yesterday Bette and Jean came over with their little monkey-chew Romy. I’m not really a fan of babies in the flesh but I have to admit that this one is absolutely adorable. I had a bash at Thelma’s crazy Scripture Cake – all the instructions involve looking up certain things in a bible so I had to call upon Shirley and Paulette to assist with that, not having a bible myself. So things like, “Use 4 and 1/2 cups of I Kings, 4th chapter, 22nd verse” translates to “Use 4 and 1/2 cups of flour”. You get the idea. The ladies had a few religion related comments about it all: “should be heavenly” quipped Joan and Bette observed that it was a bit crispy because it was a “Catholic Cake”.

The thing that amused me most about the whole thing was that when I stumbled into the lounge this morning with a mighty hangover there was a left over piece of cake on the table and a LADYBIRD was nibbling away at it. There is a photo over on the Flickr site!

It was great to see the ladies and Joan and I had a very in depth conversation about domestic violence. I guess it is the old case of “it takes one to know one” so it was good to hear Joan’s take on it all to realise it’s quite normal to be grappling with the fallout of it even now.

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