This is an easy peasy and very dependable goulash recipe from Boinie, who I didn’t know until I googled it, was of Hungarian heritage.  Goulash is one of those things like chilli, where there are a million different ways of making it, but some things crop up in most versions, like caraway seeds and paprika. I used sweet paprika for my version, but I reckon hot paprika would be good in this, too.

It wasn’t super photogenic, but it was very tasty.

I popped everything in my slow cooker (crockpot) for around 8 hours on Saturday while me and the Mister were in the pub. We’ve found a place we like near my new gaff called the Old King John

and were thrilled to find out from my neighbour that it’s known around these parts as the O.K.J. Now we are going to call it that, too, so we can pretend we are locals.

So here’s Tony’s recipe


Tony told food writer Johna Blinn the following, “I’m Hungarian, and I like to go to places like the one Soho in London where I can talk the language. These people are wonderful, and their food, especially the goulash, is sensational.”

I bet he was talking about The Gay Hussar on Greek Street.

Established in 1953, it’s now Noble Rot.  Apparently, the interior and the menu have been modernised, “but they left a few of the Hungarian dishes that had been served there for over 60 years, such as goulash and the redefined casino egg.”  I think I’d better make a pilgrimage. Firstly, I love goulash, and secondly, I want to find out what a casino egg is!

Tony’s goulash will definitely make it into the forthcoming Cooking The Detectives book in the entry for The Persuaders.

Next year, I might even feature it in a Dinner and a Movie monthly choice.  Guess what film I am considering…


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