I don’t think I have ever republished an old post, but I was sad to hear yesterday that Una Stubbs had passed and I remembered this one about her muesli recipe.  First published in 2019. 

There are some combinations of words that are nice to say together and for me, Una’s Muesli is one of those. But you have to pronounce Una OONA rather than YOONA.

When I am out and about and need to grab something for breakfast from somewhere like Pret a Manger I lean towards a bircher muesli, and that is effectively what Una’s Muesli is I think.

It’s very fashionable these days to make yourself Overnight Oats so you can run out of the door to work in the morning with your Kilner jar rolling around and weighing down your backpack feeling very virtuous indeed.

I wish I knew someone called Keturah

Personally, I think that’s daft, so I make this kind of soaked overnight breakfast in a much lighter tupperware-type thing I have. I still feel very virtuous though. Especially when I make the effort to go down 4 flights of stairs and eat it in the communal garden.

It always feels like going on a picnic.

I bought what I thought would be a few apples from Ocado and it turned out to be a huge box…

That’s what happens when you order groceries on a mobile phone
everything looks much smaller than it actually is…
Oooooooooona’s Mueooooooooosli

So I got a few versions of Una’s Muesli out of that box o’apples. This recipe is a winner! I am always too lazy to grate apples so I just chop them up instead. Might try harder next time.

One teacup rolled oats…

When I got my haircut recently, the hairdresser straightened it for me and I thought I looked a bit like Una Stubbs.

Later on though, I thought maybe I looked a bit more like Pam Ayers.

Here’s Una’s recipe, try it! Feel virtuous!

At some point next week I will find the record that Mr R bought me and do Una’s routine in tribute…

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