My foodie penpal package this month came to me from Bonnie Scotland.  The lovely Isobel put together a perfectly packed box with these wonderful things inside.  Everyone at work oohed and ahhed when the cheese came out – it survived the journey but had ripened beautifully on the way!

It’s been really cold this week so I treated myself to the porridge in bed one morning, it was divine.  It felt quite decadent to have a pre-prepared pot of porridge but as I am very lazy in the mornings it’s a perfect way for a singleton to have some porridge. No washing up this way.

The raspberry jam is just divine.  It will be hard to divert myself away from the peanut butter on toast default breakfast but it’s at the front of my condiments cupboard so no doubt I’ll devour it in no time.

Haven’t broken in to the oatcakes yet but they give me an excuse to buy more cheese…

My package was for Maya, a vegan, so it was an interesting challenge to put together.  I went to Fresh & Wild in Camden and found all kinds of interesting things.  The best was a whole dried corn on the cob that had a special bag for putting in the microwave for popping.  That sounds like fun to me.

I had to ask the man at the counter if everything was OK for a vegan and was surprised that one item had some milk powder smuggled into the ingredients list and the licorice wheels that looked so lovely contained beeswax.  Who knew?!

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