It’s official!  The Shellac Sisters smashed it at Glastonbury!  Armed with four gramophones and six boxes of 78rpms we trotted down to the Glade each day for 3pm to charm festival-goers with our old-skool tunes.  They loved us! 

Highlights for me were:

1 – first sight of our wonderful venue – a beautiful bandstand called The Spike in a leafy woodland area.

2 – hearing the gramophones beautifully sound balanced by the brilliant engineers – they sounded fabulous.

3 – seeing a monkey and a banana on our dance floor (not at the same time, alas)

4 – hearing the crowd belting out “Singing in The Rain” as it pelted down outside.

5 – everyone grooving to “I’ve Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts” – possibly our hit of the festival.

6 – our amazing accommodation at Studio Farrows – yep, there is a CAR in our house…

7 – being interviewed by Matt Everitt for the Lauren Laverne Show on BBC 6 Music.  You can catch it on “listen again” for a couple more days – we are at around 2:36 – Shellacs on BBC

8 – the crowd refusing to leave at the end of our set on day 2 and chanting: “One more tune!  One more tune!  One more tune!”

We all had a lovely, lovely time – I bet we had more fun than Metallica!

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