Sunday marked the fifth anniversary of my move to spinster bliss at Silver Screen Suppers Towers.  I count the decision to move into my own place as the best thing I ever did.  If you are living in a shared house and getting fed up with it, I say take the plunge and go solo. 



I don’t own my flat, I’m renting.  It costs me a ridiculous amount of money to live alone in London, but it is worth every penny.  The joy of getting home from work and closing the door behind me knowing I can do exactly as I please is absolutely priceless.


When I was a pre-teen I loved the TV series Rhoda, starring Valerie Harper in the title role.  Are you old enough to remember it?  Valerie Harper played a happy go lucky window dresser, making her way in the world as an independent woman of the 1970s.  It was exactly as I imagined my life would be when I grew up.  And it has pretty much come true.

I do regularly feel like stopping in the middle of the street and throwing my hat in the air, Rhoda style because I am just so goddamn HAPP Y to be alive.

All of this to say, I made a singleton’s version of Valerie’s squash dish recently and it was very good.  I’m working on it for the Cooking with Columbo cookbook, but basically it is a layered cheesy squash dish involving squash, parmesan cheese and tomatoes.  Mmmmm – reminded me of my vegetarian days.  In a good way.


I’m working on the recipe but if you are a fan of Valerie’s and you would like it, just email me via the Contact page and I’ll send it over.

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