Just over five years ago my neighbour Chloë sent a text asking if I was single.  She knew someone she thought I would hit it off with.  She set us up on a blind date and we are still together.  She’s a genius matchmaker!

My blind date, now my soul mate, Mr Rathbone made a vegan chilli to an Anna Jones recipe which was super, super tasty.  

I made my favourite of all meaty chillies, James Garner’s – you can find the recipe at the bottom of this blog post by clicking on this link.

For me, if there is Mexican food on the table, there has to be Vincent Price Mexican Creamed Corn.  Possibly my all-time favourite foodstuff.  I just love it.  Follow this link for the recipe.  This time I made two versions.  One to Vincent’s specifications with butter and Muenster cheese. The other with vegan cashew nut butter and vegan cheese. Here are the fixings, vegan to the left, milky to the right.

Don’t tell Vincent but I liked the vegan version more than the full dairy one.  

Of course, there had to be guacamole, and I chose Eddie Albert’s version, with tomatoes and fresh chilies. Recipe for Eddie’s guac is here if you click on the link.

With a dollop of sour cream and a ladleful of rice, the two chillies, the guacamole and corn were perfect together.  I think this is a magnificent Mexican menu!

Almost the whole family was there.  Twiggy was out in the garden, but Ringo came…

Sunny had fun on the exercise bike…

and with various found objects…

I made a vegan chocolate cake too, but forgot to take photos of it.  This is the only evidence I have of it actually existing…

It was a brilliant afternoon and what’s more, we got prezzies!  Not just a bottle of champagne, which we made short work of, but also a voucher for an Mad Hatter’s tea party with BOTTOMLESS PROSECCO.  I laughed so much when I saw our little faces in this pic!

I am so lucky to have such lovely and clever neighbours!

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