My co-writer on the Vincent Price extravaganza Supper with the Stars organised a fabulously fun party last night to celebrate the launch of the paperback and Kindle versions.  It was so lovely to see so many of our fabulous test cooks in the zoom room including Gill, Kelli, Phoenix, Britt, Sarah, VT, Mr Rathbone and some I am sure I have missed.

I did demonstrations of three cocktails that are found in the book.  Vincent Price’s Bloody Mary (I had fun on Instagram when I asked folk if they could guess what the mystery ingredient in the pink pot was…)

I made a “Barefoot Contessa” (named after an Ava Gardner film by Peter) which was DE-LI-CIOUS.  I’ve never made this one before and Mr Rathbone who was zooming in from his own place over the hill in Hampstead could see how much I enjoyed this  tipple as he’s requested these for Friday!

My third demo was of a “Miss Moon’s Hair Raiser” named by Peter as a nod to Diana Rigg and the brilliant hairdresser scene in Theatre of Blood.

This one was surprisingly good too – only four ingredients but super flavoursome.  Recommended!

It was such a thrill to meet Ben Wickey who did all the wonderful caricatures for the book.

We had so much fun watching Peter’s excellent clip shows featuring lots of foodie bits in Vincent’s films and we have all pledged to get together on zoom for a Vincent Price Cookalong sometime soon.  If this sounds like fun to you (and I promise it will be) keep your eyes peeled here for details or sign up to my monthly newsletter.  I’ll announce the date and how to join us there.

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Here are some words about the new version of the book from Peter: “This black and white softcover version omits the galleries and adds a couple of pages at the back where you can write your own notes. It’s what we like to call ‘the kitchen-friendly edition’, so now you can keep your hardback copy all pristine and use this one without fear of getting it stained.”

Here are some links to a few Amazon stores where you can get your copy of the paperback edition and Kindle version. But wherever you are, just type in the title: Supper with the Stars, and you’ll see it pop up.  If you leave us a review, we’ll love you for ever (even though we do anyhow…







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