Pineapples!  I’ve been wanting to throw a whole Vincent Price dinner party for a long time and Easter Sunday seemed like a good time to do it.  It was SPECTACULAR.  First up were Rumakis (above), water chestnuts cloaked in chicken liver with a bacon wrap.  Divine.  I should have made more, 2 each was not enough…  Served these as Vincent suggested, with Chinese Mustard and ketchup with horseradish mixed in.

Recipes for the steak, pork and rice can be found at the bottom of this post…  Click to go straight there…

Next – Steak Teriyaki:

These were really, really delicious.  Mmmmmmmm.  I served these with Vincent’s Peanut Sauce.  When Heather saw that the recipe called for 6 tablespoons of butter she said she knew why it was so delicious.

Main course was Pineapple Glazed Double Pork Chops and Shrimp Fried Rice:

Both yummy.  It cannot be denied that Vincent never lets us down (well apart from once, Cathy’s birthday cake).  We had a brilliant time.  My chums all entered into the Polynesian party spirit:

We all got absolutely smashed on beer and rather than slumping in front of a movie as we intended, took our Polynesian selves down to the Maid of Muswell.  We  made a right racket taking photos of ourselves eating sausage rolls and posing in Nathan’s hat.  I’m surprised we weren’t asked to leave.

And there is only one thing to do when you find a large carboard box in the street…

Thank you Vincent, your “International Cooking Course” party suggestions were spot on.  Which one shall I do next?  I have the following to choose from: Dinner at the Casbah, Exotic Delights of the Far East, Delights from the Sultan’s Pantry, Classical Spanish Cuisine and The Wok.  Mind you, my wok is a bit worse for wear as I made Dorothy’s chutney in it!

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