You are joining in with the Vincent Price Treasury Cookalong right?  


I DO hope so!  Having an excuse to cook something you might not do otherwise, is GREAT.  I looooooove cookalongs.

The RNLI Fish Supper was a sort of countrywide cookalong, organised to raise funds for this excellent charity.  For those outside the UK, it’s the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.  For an island that is surrounded by a lot of sea, this is a vital and lifesaving and very brave group of folks.  Go #RNLIfishsupper !


So Battenburg Belle and I stepped up to the plate and cooked a fishy themed extravaganza for one of her Naughty Habits Supper Clubs (her house is an ex-nunnery hence “Naughty Habits” – geddit?) – she named it the Salty Sea Dog Supper Club – genius!


We had so much fun, not least because I got to make a shopping list that included the following:

Blow-up Palm Tree

2 x Sailors Outfits


Our menu was:

1 – welcome drink – SEA BREEZE…


2 – nibbles – FISH AND CHIPS


3 – starter – MARY AND VINCENT PRICE’S DEVILLED CRAB from A Treasury of Great Recipes


4 – main – FISH PIE Cathy made using a recipe by the divine Felicity Cloake


5 – side dish – MARY AND VINCENT PRICE’S PEAS IN THE FRENCH STYLE – ditto and some lovely carrots…


6 – pudding – FLOATING ISLANDS – weird but good


7 – cheeses – from our lovely local cheesemaker – The Urban Cheesemaker


8 – extra goodies – home made SEA SALT CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES (oh my gawd!)


All our crab andfish and prawns for the fish pie were purchased from our brilliant local fishmongers – Walter Purkis and Sons – we LOVE THEM.

Walter Purkis

The lovely Davey from Seven Songs for Dementia was happy to give his services for the RNLI and dressed the part.  Sea shanties.  They are BRILLIANT.  Am I turning into a folkie?


I must have been extremely drunk because usually communal singing gives me the pip, but even I joined in…

We raised £100 for the RNLI and plan to do even more next year!  I will make the next posts the recipes for the Deviled Crab and the Peas in the French Style.

I thought I was on a hiding to nothing putting “Vincent Price sailor” into google to find an appropriate picture.  

Do you not LOVE the internet when things like this happen?  Possibly now my FAVOURITE of all Vincent Price pictures, and that is saying something…

Vincent Price in Master of the World

Only a few tickets left for our 50th Anniversary Edition Treasury of Great Recipes book launch event at Harrods my lovelies, come along, you know it will be fabulous.  Also, I’ve decided which canapés I am going to make from the Treasury for the Vincent Price: Master of Menace, Lover of Life event at Bart’s Pathology Museum.  I have to cater for 90 which is a bit daunting but my #RNLIfishsupper cookalong chum Battenburg Belle is helping me so we will have FUN doing it…  Come and join us!

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