vincent price
“It’s as much fun to scare as to be scared.”

It’s Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen. How exciting. The pumpkin is carved and on the doorstep, there are treats to be dished out to any children of the night that come round to call and I have a very, very, very large spider in my hair.

I know for sure that Shirley and five of her chums will be rocking up later. It’s her first time trick or treating and she is very excited. I have chocolate eyeballs and chocolate skeletons for them. And when all the little critters are tucked up in bed I shall have Vincent’s Steak which is marinating in the fridge right now. It’s garlic a-go-go which will keep the vampires away.

It was great seeing Charley on Thursday. He really is a lovely man and it was good to get his perspective on everything that’s been going on in my love life. I am following his advice and slamming the iron door. I’m very pleased that he is giving it another go with A.M. Good for them. Gives me faith in the modern man…

Oh my LORD! I’ve just had 3 visitations from 3 different bunches of kids in 15 minutes. Hope I am going to have enough treats!

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