WELCOME to those who have passed a milestone in the Everwalk Walk Up An Appetite Challenge.  Here’s a Thanksgiving recipe from the kitchen of Vincent Price. If you are a fan of Vincent, do sign up to my monthly newsletter or leave a comment below and I will add you in. There will be news about forthcoming books including one I am working on with Peter Fuller of the Vincent Price Legacy UK.  

If you’d like to test a recipe for us, skip over to this page for a list…

I am not sure if my friends in the USA will still be allowed to gather together around a dinner table indoors with people who are not part of their household for Thanksgiving this year. But maybe you live with lots of people in a flatshare? Or you have a household of many children with big appetites? Or are living on an isolated commune with electric fences keeping everyone except the Amazon delivery guy away?

It seems a little strange to be proposing a recipe for a whole turkey when many of us will be eating solo or with just one or two other people for the forseable future, but HEY. We have to keep up the traditions don’t we? So why not cook a whole turkey this year anyhow and sprinkle some Vincent Price stardust over it?

There are many mad things you can do with leftover turkey, including as per Vincent’s recommendation, making a New Year’s Vol Au Vent (I am so going to make one of these again, it was utterly delicious).

I followed Vincent’s recipe for Roast Turkey Wayside Inn in 2011 and it was utterly fabulous. I was VERY pleased with myself as you can see.

I heartily recommend it, the stuffing was really ace.

Plus, here is a link to Vincent’s Pumpkin Pie recipe on my chum Peter Fuller’s site too in case you want to go the whole hog!

Wherever you are in the world, whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, I am sending you lots of love from Tier 2 in the big red blob called London.

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