Oh YEAH.  This was just as delicious second time around, and this time cooked on the BBQ rather than in the oven.

For yes, it is summer and I’ve been to my first BBQ for about 3 years.  It was lovely!  Here’s me pretending to be in charge of the cooking…

(but of course, when it is a BBQ, it’s a man’s job – in this case Mr Sloman’s) and here’s the steak with some chicken that I marinaded in tequila and lime and some divine salads made by Cathy.

Don’t I eat like a bird?  I went back for seconds of everything though…

Here’s Vincent’s recipe – highly, highly recommended.

And here is my BIG Vincent Price news.  This week I was given the best present ever by the adorable Mr R.  Can you imagine anything better than this?

We have acted out ALL of the scenes.  It is awesome, it really feels like you are acting opposite Vincent and what a thrill – ha ha!  I am the happiest woman alive.  I feel a co-star party coming on…

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