You know when you make a perfect dinner?  Everything works like a dream and tastes delicious and is ready right on time?  Such was Vincent’s Toad in the Hole with onion gravy (made to Alastair Hendy’s recipe in Home Cook) with a bit of broccoli chucked on the side.  Rrrowwwr! It was a “night before Vincent’s birthday” dinner.

I felt like a proper 1950s housewife getting everything ready on Sunday evening so that when my beau arrived fresh from the recording studio, everything was almost on the table.  Joan Crawford would have been proud of me, there wasn’t an apron or a hair curler in sight.  I was looking very much like this in fact.

Vincent’s batter was thin and crispy in some parts and fluffy and chewy in others and the sausages were nice and crunchy on the outside.  They were very tasty snags selected on a whim from the Tesco Finest range.  I admit that I am a sucker for packaging.  Anything that has a big slab of oak smoked pork pictured on the label is fine by me.  They are a LIMITED EDITION folks so get in quick – they are british pork, oak smoked bacon and sun dried tomato sausages.  Or as Mr R put it in his best Jimmy Durante voice: “Dat’s two types of pig and a tom-ae-toe.”

It was an apt start to our 24 hour Vincent Price fest – especially as Mr R brought with him a delightful gift – a framed photograph of this particular parrot picture.  What a guy.


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