Vic came over for a Rockford Files last night and I had planned to serve up a chilli.  I foolishly strayed from the preferred path of matching the recipe to the event.  Instead of making a James Garner chilli (which I know from experience is the BEST chilli ever) I decided to try Warner Baxter’s version, making it the night before to give it time to mature…

photo 1

Epic fail.  You know that feeling when you are all by yourself and there is nobody to consult with and you think: “this doesn’t seem right”?  Well I had that feeling constantly while making Warner’s chilli.  1 and a 1/2 cups of olive oil?  That didn’t seem right.  One whole cup of chilli powder?  That didn’t seem right either, so I only put 1/2 a cup in.  This still resulted in a chilli which had the power to strip paint.  Certainly too hot to serve a guest.  And very, very oily. 


Of course I am far too much of a skinflint to throw the whole thing away.  There is 3lbs of meat in that chilli!  So I sieved it:

photo 2

packed it up in three freezer bags and labelled it carefully:


I will save these for the following eventualities:

1 – an evening where I have a streaming cold and can’t really taste anything.

2 – if I ever have a heavily pregnant houseguest who is past their due date

3 – when Heather comes round for the annual freezer defrosting when she will no doubt make me throw them away.

Warner what were you thinking?! 


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